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Tremlocker Kit for American Standard Stratocaster

Tremlocker Kit for American Standard Stratocaster

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This kit is designed to fit Fender American Standard Stratocasters that have a 2 pivot bridge with 2-1/16 inch string spacing and 10-32 threaded tremolo arm.

NOTE: Tremlocker Blocks do not have the taper found on Fender American Standard cast steel blocks, so you will loose some travel in the "Diving" down pitch direction. Temlocker Blocks replicate the classic travel found on Vintage and Mexican Standard Stratocasters.

Included with this kit; Nickel Plated Steel Block (complete with Thumbscrew, Arm Sleeve and Arm Friction Set Screw) Retractable Stop Assembly, 10-32 Precision Fit Stainless Steel Arm, Allen Key and Screws


 FREE SHIPPING for Tremlocker Kit orders to the lower 48 states.

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