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With the patented Tremlocker the player enjoys: 

  • Having both full floating tremolo and a fixed bridge (hard tail) in the same guitar without modifying its classic appearance!
  • The ability to lock the bridge to alter tuning (like drop D) for a song, then retune to standard, unlock and have a balanced floating tremolo for the next in seconds!
  • The ability to quickly regain close tuning in the remaining strings if a string breaks while full floating!
  • Easy string changes on a full floating tremolo! Simply lock the Tremlocker, replace the strings and tune as you would a fixed bridge guitar! 
  • Classic steel block tone!
  • More responsive tremolo arm!
  • Adjustable tremolo arm friction!
  • Increased tremolo arm support reducing arm breaking!                                                                                                              

The versatile solid steel Tremlocker tremolo block and retractable stop allow the guitar player to quickly change between full floating and fixed bridge playing. The patented design provides the ability to return the bridge to a repeatable rock solid fixed bridge position in about a second.

To unlock for full floating, rotate the thumbscrew into the block and retract the stop. To lock for fixed bridge, simply reverse those actions.

In most cases, Tremlocker blocks are designed for use with your existing tremolo arm. Blocks for bridges with threaded tremolo arms include a precision sleeved arm bore with adjustable friction. The sleeved bore removes unwanted play making the arm more responsive while also increasing the arms overall strength by reducing the load on the arms threads. NOTE: Existing arms may require some minor, simple bending to maintain proper feel and clearance above volume knob. 


The tremolo arm friction can be easily adjusted to the players preference using the same Allen key used to adjust saddle height.


Optional cover plates finish off the setup allowing for easy access to Tremlocker's thumb screw and retractable stop. Also provided are slots for screwdriver adjustment of spring claw screws making fine tuning a snap.

Tremlocker blocks are designed to directly replace original blocks and installation requires the addition of only two small wood screws inside the spring cavity.  

Tremlocker blocks and retractable stops are precision machined from solid 1018 carbon steel and nickle plated. Made in the USA.